Michael D. Kirkpatrick operates as a Morgantown, West Virginia-based professional services firm, providing exceptional client services in the areas of biometrics/identity management, business, and government consulting; and as a private investigator and forensic accountant. Additionally, through a world-wide network of expert associates, I am able to bring cutting-edge insights and capabilities to all client engagements. 

Serving as a trusted advisor, I gather information necessary to satisfy client needs and form independent recommendations for decision making and strategy development.  I believe in passionately assisting my clients on projects important to them and always strive to create impact and measurable results with every job I perform.  

My 26 year-career as an FBI Special Agent and Senior Executive instilled in me the core values of Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity which I bring to every client relationship.

Fidelity - adherence to fact - guides all of my work
Bravery - embodiment of courage - allows my independent recommendations 
Integrity - adherence to a code of moral values - means you can trust me

  Consultant    Private Investigator    Forensic Accountant
Michael D. Kirkpatrick